Neapco Quality

Continuous quality improvement throughout the organization and supply chain

Neapco prioritizes continuous quality improvement, defect prevention and the reduction of supply chain waste. This broad approach is a fundamental component of our management system, which coordinates quality, environmental protection and health and occupational safety. Internal and external auditing and rigorous tracking metrics are among the many steps we take in an integrated drive toward continuous improvement.

Our quality processes allow us to maintain a superior competitive position while containing and managing costs. Product design, process development and supplier selection are each evaluated on criteria of reliability, cost, timing and throughput for each stage. The end result is products and services of higher overall value and lower overall cost than our competition.

Yearly quality reviews and goal-setting

Our enterprise objectives call for constantly improving product and process quality. The goal is zero defects, and an internal incentive program encourages innovations and solutions that prevent errors.

Neapco generates and reviews parts per million (PPM) data as well as yearly quality improvement goals. Subcontractors are reviewed for their own quality systems, supply chain audits, process controls and costs. All subcontractors perform full first-piece layout inspections prior to our purchasing production quantities. And we require 100% on-time delivery from both domestic and foreign suppliers so supply chain delays do not disrupt the delivery of finished product.