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Halfshafts for Automotive and Other Light Vehicle OEMS

Neapco is a leading global provider of halfshafts for automotive applications. Neapco halfshafts are engineered for the torsional strength, NVH, weight, stiffness and special suspension requirements of front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles. With an annual production capacity of 6 million halfshafts, Neapco offers products and solutions for all halfshaft driveline requirements, including:

  • Plug-in or flange transmission connections
  • Short- or long-stem wheel-end connections
  • Anti-shudder tripod designs
  • High-angle (undercut free)
  • Tubular welded shafts and swaged linkshafts for high torsional stiffness
  • Low lash (advanced shaft-joint connection)


Technical Specifications

Joint Types: Rzeppa, undercut free, tripod, anti-shudder tripod, cross- groove, double offset

Boot material: Silicone, neoprene, high-temperature thermoplastic

Torque capacity: 900–6300 Nm

Maximum angles: 50 degrees outboard, 28 degrees inboard

Product Portfolio

State-of-the-art CAE CV-joint design 

Reduced weight and rotation inertia

Trilobe-shaped tripod joints

Lighter weight and lower rotation inertia than cylindrical joints

Available thermoplastic (TPE), neoprene and silicone boots 

Better durability and reliability than rubber

Tubular or solid steel shafts 

Maximum stiffness at minimum weight

Plug-in or flange architecture 

Range of designs to meet customer specifications

Integrated linkshafts 

Maximum driveline stiffness and vehicle response at reduced weight

Complete linkshaft systems 

Linkshafts, bearings and brackets designed for superior performance