Small vehicle propshafts and halfshafts tuned for off-road requirements

Neapco propshafts and halfshafts for small off-highway vehicles and ATVs are designed to reduce overall gross vehicle weight and handle extreme application demands such as load spikes, high angles and constant torque. Ranging from small lightweight series to larger customized designs, Neapco small vehicle driveshafts are tuned for off-road and ATV needs such as jumping, maximum excursions, and reduced NVH requirements.

To meet vehicle designs and connection requirements, Neapco can provide fixed length drives or telescoping configurations using spline shafting or CV joint assemblies. Available constant velocity joints include Rzeppa, tripod, double offset and double Cardan in permanently lubricated or greaseable models.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized innovative light-weight designs — High performance from smaller packaging size meets GVW requirements
  • Puncture-resistant boots — Strong, flexible molded TPE material reduces boot failures to extend overall CV-joint life
  • Torque-managing design — Tuned to reduce vehicle load spikes and protect downstream driveline components
  • High-angle outboard CV joints — Up to 50-degree joint angle on front outboard joints for wider steering angles
  • Choice of greaseable or permanently lubricated U-joints — Sealed permanent lube U-joints handle rugged dirt, water and mud environments
  • Cardan and CV-joint combinations — Halfshafts in any configuration and length overcome driveline joint-angle constraints and related NVH issues
  • 2-piece propshafts for long high-speed applications — Tubular designs and isolated center bearings reduce NVH and weight


Neapco Off-Highway Propshaft/Halfshaft

Neapco Off-Highway Propshaft/Halfshaft