Sideshafts/halfshafts for automotive and other light vehicle OEMs

Neapco is a leading global provider of sideshafts/halfshafts for automotive and other light vehicle applications. Neapco sideshafts/halfshafts are engineered for the torsional strength, NVH, weight, stiffness and special suspension requirements of front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles. With an annual production capacity of 4 million sideshafts/halfshafts, we offer products and solutions for all sideshaft/halfshaft driveline requirements, including the following:

  • Plug-in or flange transmission connections
  • Short- or long-stem wheel-end connections
  • Anti-shudder tripod designs
  • High-angle (undercut free)
  • Tubular welded shafts and swaged linkshafts for high torsional stiffness
  • Low lash (advanced shaft-joint connection)

Technical Specifications

  • Types: Rzeppa, undercut free, tripod, anti-shudder tripod, cross- groove
  • Boot material: Silicone, neoprene, high-temperature thermoplastic
  • Torque capacity: 900–4700 Nm
  • Maximum angles: 50 degrees outboard, 27 degrees inboard

Features and Benefits

  • State-of-the-art CAE CV-joint design — Reduced weight and rotation inertia
  • Trilobe-shaped tripod joints — Lighter weight and lower rotation inertia than cylindrical joints
  • Available thermoplastic (TPE), neoprene and silicone boots — Better durability and reliability than rubber
  • Tubular or solid steel shafts — Maximum stiffness at minimum weight
  • Plug-in or flange architecture — Range of designs to meet customer specifications
  • Integrated linkshafts — Maximum driveline stiffness and vehicle response at reduced weight
  • Complete linkshaft systems — Linkshafts, bearings and brackets designed for superior performance


Neapco Light Vehicles Sideshaft 2100
Sideshaft/Halfshaft 2100 size
Neapco Light Vehicles Sideshaft 2700
Sideshaft/Halfshaft 2700 size
Neapco Light Vehicles Sideshaft 3300
Sideshaft/Halfshaft 3300 size
Neapco Light Vehicles Sideshaft 4000
Sideshaft/Halfshaft 4000 size