Single piece propshafts/driveshafts in a variety of configurations and materials

Neapco manufactures and designs single piece propshafts/driveshafts in a variety of configurations — from traditional slip yoke/fixed flange designs to plunging or fixed constant velocity joints and flexible rubber couplings. Neapco single piece propshafts/driveshafts are available in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and metal matrix or carbon composites.

Neapco Light Vehicles Carbon Composite Driveshaft
Carbon Composite Driveshaft
Neapco Light Vehicles Aluminum Driveshaft with Slip Yoke
Aluminum Driveshaft with Slip Yoke

Multi-piece propshafts/driveshafts for vehicles with extended wheelbases

Neapco offers 2- and 3-piece propshaft/driveshaft designs for vehicles with extended wheelbases. Key features of Neapco multi-piece propshafts/driveshafts include a slip function that can be incorporated in a slip-in-tube design, and a center bearing assembly. Neapco uses a unitized design to eliminate or reduce the design barriers found in traditional slip-thru-center bearing designs, including stack-up, run-out, imbalance and spline interface.

Neapco Light Vehicles Multi Piece Propshaft
Multipiece Driveshaft

Slip-in-tube propshafts/driveshafts with a fixed flange at both the transmission and axle ends

Neapco has developed a slip-in-tube propshaft/driveshaft that solves customer requirements for a fixed flange at both the transmission and axle ends. Using fewer components, Neapco slip-in-tube propshafts/driveshafts are lighter and more cost-effective than traditional designs.

Traditional slip-between-center designs typically use a slip yoke and stud yoke welded to the propshaft/driveshaft tube as a slip mechanism. Available in steel or aluminum, Neapco's design uses an innovative spline forming process to integrate the traditional slip mechanism function into the tube itself. The slip-in-tube design uses two mated tubes with formed splines to transmit torque while functioning as a slip mechanism to accommodate suspension travel. Additional features include:

  • Low plunge effort significantly improves NVH performance
  • Telescopes safely in vehicle crash
  • Higher operating speeds than conventional design
  • Highly durable integrated designs allow warranty and cost improvements
Neapco Light Vehicles Slip In Tube Propshaft
Slip-in Tube Propshaft With Fixed Flanges