Light Vehicle

Innovative driveline solutions for automotive, commercial vehicle, agricultural, off-road, construction and industrial markets

For nearly 100 years, Neapco has been a leading global provider of innovative driveline solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Constantly evolving with changing markets and driveline technologies, Neapco provides leading-edge propshafts/driveshafts, sideshafts/halfshafts, differentials, aluminum die castings and driveline components to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), driveline specialists and major heavy-duty parts distributors.

Neapco’s capabilities feature a deeply experienced in-house engineering staff, automated lean manufacturing processes, and ongoing quality improvement. A trusted source of engineered solutions for all classes of vehicles and stationary driveline applications, Neapco is known industrywide for flexibility, innovation and on-time delivery.

High-performance driveline assemblies and components for cars and light trucks

Neapco light-vehicle driveline products are used in cars and light trucks up to Class 3. They are sold as assemblies to OEMs and as aftermarket service components through driveline specialists and major heavy-duty parts distributors.

Whether used in daily transportation, fleet service or professional duty, Neapco light-vehicle driveshafts/propshafts and driveline products are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide reliable performance and value.

Typical markets

  • Automobiles
  • SUVs
  • Light duty trucks up to Class 3
  • Commercial vans
  • Electric vehicles for city or neighborhood use
  • Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles

Neapco light vehicle products